Offering Items

Donating items for monastery maintenance

If you are thinking of offering towards this cause, we will greatly appreciate if you will kindly telephone us before you come to NBM so that we can inform you of items needed urgently. Items which are needed (but not urgently) will be listed here whenever the need arises.

Sadhu anumodami for your generosity and support.

Donation for kitchen needs

When lunch offering is unavailable, the monastery live-in guest/s and helper/s will be cooking for the monastics and residents.

If you wish to offer items for the NBM when you are coming to offer lunch, kindly ring the monastery to find out what is urgently needed.

We are currently over-stocked with the following items:
– pain killers
– towels
– toothpaste and toothbrushes
– pain relief and antiseptic creams
– toilet paper

If you wish to make a donation, we encourage you to consider a contribution towards the monthly utility-bills of NBM.
Bunnings gift cards are also always appreciated as these contribute towards maintenance and repairs.

The residents of NBM wish to express their sincere thanks and appreciation for the generosity and loving-kindness of everyone who has our well-being at heart.