Please see below for a summary of sponsorship opportunities for urgent utility and infrastructure work at NBM (updated July 2017). 

Our immediate need is to raise funds to commence Stage 1 developments to provide gender segregation and forested accommodation for monastics, and to enable the Monks to function independently in the Monks’ area of the forest monastery.

The developments include:

  1. 3 kutis ( huts) for the Bhikkhus. Each kuti costs approximately $45,000- fully connected to sewer system, water and electricity.
  2. a Bhikkhu Sangha House within the Bhikkhus’ designated area of the NBM property. Cost approximately $510,000-. (kutis and sangha house awaiting planning and building approval)
  3. new water, sewerage and electricity infrastructure to service these buildings as required by the Council Planning rules. Cost approximately $205,000-. (PLANNING APPROVED BY COUNCIL)


NBM Building Project

Supply: New filtration system, water service piping to existing buildings, sewer lines, pipe work for heat pumps, fire service pipelines & hose reels, isolating valves & existing pipes.
Purpose: To filter out the acidity of the bore water from the ground so that the filtered water can be used by the Heat Pumps. The work also includes replacing current leaking water pipe fixtures in all the existing buildings.


filtration unit

Connection of Monks’ and Nuns’ kutis

We still need financial support for the connection of monks’ container kutis.


nuns earthworks







monks earthworks








inside containerkuti


outside container kuti


Past projects (completed through your kind support)

Supply: Pioneer Water Tank supply and install (borewater tank)
Purpose: To ensure sufficient storage of water to meet usage require by increasing number of residents at the monastery & future development requirements.


Rainwater tank:




Supply: Supply & install 5 Sanden Heat Pumps
Purpose: To provide low cost heating solution to the nuns/women quarters, monks/men quarters and main building.

hot water system


Supply: Plumbing works for women’s residence
Purpose: To supply & repair leaking plumbing fixtures (toilets & showers) in women’s quarters.

womens plumbing


If you are happy to provide financial support to any part of the above repair works, please contact the Buddhist Society of Victoria via email or donate via paypal.

Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu.
Thanking you for your kind consideration and support.