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The Newbury Buddhist Monastery is supported by the Buddhist Society of Victoria (BSV). Since 2012, funds have been raised by various local and international supporters to finance the purchase of the property, as well as for building crucial monastery infrastructure. Thanks to them the Monastery is currently able to function using a few refurbished existing buildings. It was officially opened by Ven Ajahn Brahm in May 2015, and we are happy to report that it is going from strength to strength.

NBM is set on a 150-acre lush green pasture amidst the rolling countryside neighbouring the Wombat State Forest in Victoria, Australia. Located between Trentham and Blackwood – just 70 minutes from the heart of Melbourne city the magnificent landscape and tranquil surroundings offer an inspiring backdrop for secluded meditation.
NBM is unique in that it is only one of a very few monasteries in the world and the very first in Victoria that support both Bhikkhu and Bhikkhuni ordination and practice.
sangha house

The monastery project is also strongly supported and endorsed by Ven. Ajahn Brahm (BSV’s spiritual adviser). A master plan for the NBM Building Project, approved by Ajahn Brahm, is available for viewing at the BSV Buddhaloka Centre and on our website.
This is a four-staged development, culminating in building the Meditation Centre for the four fold Community of Bhikkhus, Bhikkhunis, Laymen and Laywomen, and especially catering to the needs of lay practitioners under Stage 4.
Our immediate need is to raise funds to commence Stage 1 developments to provide gender segregation and forested accommodation for monastics, and to enable the Monks to function independently in the Monks’ area of the forest monastery.

The developments include:
1. 3 kutis ( huts) for the Bhikkhus. Each kuti costs
approximately $45,000- fully connected to sewer system, water and electricity.
2. A Bhikkhu Sangha House within the Bhikkhus’ designated area of the NBM property. Cost approximately $510,000-.
3. New water, sewerage and electricity infrastructure to service these buildings as required by the Council Planning rules. Cost approximately $205,000.

You can read more by downloading the NBM Building Project Brochure or by downloading and viewing the plans and cost breakdown at NBM development plans from ppt -plans only

Your support is needed to help us move forward to the next stage to (1) construct 3 kutis and a sangha house for monks and (2) install a new sewerage system with waste-water treatment plant as required by council.

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