Completed Projects

Since the inception of Newbury Buddhist Monastery (NBM), the Buddhist Society of Victoria (BSV)) has achieved key milestones in planning and implementing the overall Building Project.  Below is the snapshot of key milestones we have achieved to date and the upcoming developments:


2019 is the crucial time to commence the construction of the Monks Area and additional infrastructure required to meet the Hepburn Shire Council’s request under the Planning Permit issued to the BSV. These include:

  • A new sewerage treatment plant
  • Water supply and lines (including fire fighting tank)
  • Access road for new buildings and fire fighting purposes
  • Construction of the supply network of water, electricity, drinking water, and waste water drainage, pumps & water filtration system
  • Upgrade power supply transformer

Your generous support will help the BSV to commence construction at this crucial time. Find out more information about the costs and how to support us here

THE FOLLOWING IMAGES ARE ALL COMPLETED PAST PROJECTS (completed through your kind support)

If you are happy to provide financial support to any part of repair works, please contact the Buddhist Society of Victoria via email or donate via paypal.

Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu.
Thanking you for your kind consideration and support.