About the Building Project

The Newbury Buddhist Monastery (NBM) is a forest monastery development that is supported by the Buddhist Society of Victoria (BSV). With the support from the local community, interstate and overseas, the property was acquired on 7th February 2014.

NBM is set on a 150-acre lush pasture amidst the rolling countryside neighbouring the Wombat State Forest in central Victoria, Australia. Located between Trentham and Blackwood – just 70 minutes from the heart of Melbourne city, the magnificent landscape and tranquil surroundings offer an inspiring backdrop for secluded meditation.

NBM is unique as it is only one of a very few Theravadan monasteries in the world and the very first in Victoria to support both Bhikkhu (Buddhist monks) and Bhikkhuni (Buddhist nuns) ordination and practice. The monastic training at NBM is based on the early teachings found in the Suttas (the Buddha’s teachings) and Vinaya (monastic discipline) that are shared by all Buddhist traditions. Hence, we welcome monastics from all traditions and countries to stay if they have the inclination to follow this practice.

NBM was officially opened by Venerable Ajahn Brahm on 24th May 2015, and we are happy to report that it is going from strength to strength.

During the first few years, crucial refurbishments and repairs were made to the existing buildings and basic utilities to provide suitable accommodation for the monastics and trainees.

As the living conditions to existing buildings had been rendered acceptable, new building developments to support the 4-fold assembly began in 2017.

The NBM Building Project Stage 1 – Monks Accommodation and the Sangha House was initiated. A detailed Building and Infrastructure construction plan was developed by a team of dedicated BSV volunteers and a few paid professionals and construction began in early 2019. Stage 1 was completed in April 2020 in line with the Project Plan. The success and completion of this project is attributed to the immense support from Ajahn Brahm, Bodhinyana Monastery monastics and the generosity of our local community, supporters from interstate and overseas.


The NBM Building Project Stage 2 – Meditation Centre project was launched in March 2020. The Centre facility will include cottages with individual rooms and ensuites for lay retreatants, a Meditation Hall, Dana Hall & Kitchen. This project will be divided into phases based on the availability of funds.

The completion of this project will provide:-

– the nuns their long-awaited hope of a nuns boundary just as the monks have in Lot 1

– the opportunity to monastics and lay people to practise meditation and the Buddha’s teachings in a tranquil forested monastery that is highly conducive for spiritual practice. 

We are seeking support and donations for this Project to be realised.


The NBM Stage 3 – Nuns Accommodation and other relevant facilities including a dhamma hall for nuns.

If you wish to see the progress of the NBM Building Project, visit the NBM Facebook page.

For more information, please visit https://www.bsv.net.au/monastery-building-updates/

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