Protecting Our Environment

Dear monastery supporters,

At Newbury Buddhist Monastery, we are working hard to reduce our impact on our natural environment.

  • We discourage donations of bottled water (the monastery water is safe to drink).
  • Our septic system prefers biodegradable & environmentally friendly cleaning products such as EarthChoice or GreenAction. Please keep this in mind if you are donating cleaning products.
  • Donating refill packs e.g. for handwash (we have the pump containers already) will save you money and reduce our plastic waste.
  • Recycle, reduce, re-use!
    • Reduce: we avoid using non-biodegradable and non-renewable products where possible. We have reusable bags available at the monastery which can be substituted for plastic shopping bags.
    • Re-use: clean plastic containers, newspapers, clean used plastic shopping bags and cloth scraps can all be kept and repurposed for use within the monastery.
    • Recycle: if it can’t be re-used, please sort recycling into the bins near the kitchen.

Thank you for your co-operation. It is much appreciated!