Photos from Fundraising Brunch with Ajahn Brahm 23/9/2017

The BSV organised a fundraising brunch on 23 September 2017 with more than 100 people attending. The aim of the brunch was to raise money for the Sangha house at the Newbury Buddhist Monastery (NBM). There was a short presentation about the NBM project, a short talk by Ajahn Brahm “Having what you want Or Wanting what you have”, a performance by the CityZen’s singers, and an auction for Ajahn Brahm’s original calligraphy. Thank you for everyone who attended the event. Special thanks to all the volunteers who assisted on the day.

Looking for photos from the inaugural 2017 fundraising brunch with Ajahn Brahm? You can view the album on the BSV Facebook by clicking here




Ajahn Brahm’s calligraphy!

Photos credit to Tania Augustin and Vali Ratanavali (CityZen members).