Newbury Buddhist Monastery (fondly referred to as NBM) is one of a very few monasteries in the world and the very first in Victoria, Australia that support both Bhikkhu and Bhikkhuni training, ordination and practice.

In providing a conducive environment and adequate support for the further development of their Buddhist practice in accordance with dhamma and vinaya, we welcome both monastics and devotees incline in the Buddhist Path to stay at NBM subject to:-

  • suitability of guest to the monastic environment through a review system, and
  • accommodation availability.

Monastics staying at NBM are expected to observe the precepts according to their ordination category. All lay practitioners who stay at the NBM are required to follow the 8 precepts. Please refer to the Conditions of stay – page 13-14 for more details.

Applicants need to understand that:

  • Priority of accommodation will be accorded to
    • BSV members and NBM volunteers on special tasks,
    • Applicants who have taken refuge in the Triple Gem and practising 5 precepts as a way of life, and are
    • Meditators.
  • There is no formal meditation teaching at the monastery; please ensure that you are able to meditate independently while living in accordance to Buddhist principles within the 4-fold community environment.
  • Applicants should be in good physical and mental health:
    • Note: .
      • Applicants with mental health or any chronic physical conditions should disclose details of the illness, medications, doctors for referral in times of need, and any other helpful information upon application.
      • If you suffer from any physical or mental health conditions, we recommend you seek professional medical advice from your doctor as to whether or not meditation and temporary staying in forest setting is suitable for you prior to your application to NBM.
      • Please note there are no professional doctors or therapists at NBM who are qualified to provide treatment for mental or physical health conditions.
  • Applicants are expected to follow daily routine, attend work meetings and participate in work and group activities.
  • Lay-guests must have sufficient funds to support their personal needs such as onward travel and especially if one has special dietary/medical requirements. Please see the Conditions of stay

There is no charge to stay at NBM for Monastics or Laity. However, any donations are welcome for the sustenance of NBM.

Please note that: 

  • the conditions of stay should be read and understood before you apply:

Conditions of stay for All NBM Guests.

  • A room may not be available for the period of your intended period of stay by the time your online application and scanned documents are received. We will try to provide you the next available period.
  • Lay applicants please apply through the Lay Stay Application.
  • Monastics please apply through the Monastic Stay Application.
  • NBM requires up to 3 business days to process applications.


  • If you have applied to stay in NBM previously, you are not required to fill in the application above (unless your personal details have changed). Kindly send an email to the stay email with the dates you wish to stay. (The stay email is the email that we used to communicate with you about your prior stay.) 
  • Only bookings for a minimum of 3 days stay will be considered outside vassa period. 1 night stays have been discontinued.  

  • During the vassa period (normally July to early October) we are only able to consider bookings for a minimum of 2 weeks stay. 

Thank you for your understanding.


Temperature: Newbury’s temperatures can range from lows around -2.6 °C to a high of around 35 °C. The colder months are usually from April to October. In any case, it’s safer to bring warm clothing as there has been instances of light sleet or snow in as late as December (which is in summer in Australia). Rain: Newbury tends to have an above average level of rainfall compared to the rest of Australia. It’s best to bring an umbrella or poncho for wet-weather conditions. Sun: The availability of direct sunlight is patchy as there is usually some form of cloud cover for most of the year. The driest and sunniest days tend to be from November to March.

What to Bring

Please bring the following; keeping in mind that Newbury is usually 3-5 degrees colder than Melbourne city (on average):

    • Sleeping bag.
    • Sheets, quilt cover and pillow case.
    • Warm clothing – socks, beanie etc.
    • Towel, toiletries, personal hygiene items, any personal medications.
    • Work clothes.

Some other optional items you can consider bringing:

    • Jacket / Raincoat / Umbrella.
    • Hot water bottle (the one used in bed to keep warm)
    • Meditation Cushion
    • Slippers, Joggers & Warm shoes.
    • Small blanket / wrap for hall use
    • Drinking Water Bottle / Vacuum flask
    • Torch & alarm clock

*** Pillow is provided. You are welcome to bring your own meditation cushion if you wish. There are meditation cushions available in the meditation hall. The venue has chairs, should you wish to meditate in a chair. It’s important to bring clothing that allows you to sit on the floor or a chair comfortably. All clothes should be in good repair and appropriate to the occasion (i.e. please don’t wear pyjamas outside your accommodation block). Loose clothing affords better flexibility when sitting cross-legged (i.e. tracksuit pants or cargo pants etc.).